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Meet Chris, An Ankole Cattle Breeder, Marketer, And Conservational Rancher.

About Me

I Am Christopher A Farmer Of The Ankole Cattle Breed Which Provide Milk, Beef, Sales & Tourism. My Farm Is Divided Into Paddocks, On Which We Graze The Animals At Different Times Allowing The Grass To Regenerate. I Have Been Rearing The Ankole Cattle Breed For Now 12 Years. Through These Years I Have A Chieved Experience & I Am Now Sharing This Experience With The World At Large.

About The Ankole Cattle

The Ankole-Watusi is a breed of domestic cattle. It derives from the Ankole group of Sanga cattle breeds of east and central Africa. The Ankole Long-Horned Cattle (also known as inyambo) have a dark brown coat and long white horns that curve outwards and then up, in the shape of a lyre.

H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni Sitting On Gold.

Besides Being The President Of Uganda, He Is A Farmer Of The Ankole Cattle Breed. During His Free Time The President Spends This At His Farm In Kisozi And Rwakitura. So passionate is he about cattle farming that in July 2019, he ordered the registration and issuance of birth certificates to cattle arguing that this would enable Uganda to penetrate the international market.

What is special about Ankole cattle?

Ankole-Watusi meat has very little fat and lower cholesterol than other commercial beef.
Ankole cattle have tremendous jumping ability for their large size. They may occasionally fall prey to lions and leopards.

The Long Horned Ankole cattle are a unique species of cattle that are mainly found in south western Uganda and not in any other part of Uganda or the world. Each Ankole homestead boasts of atleast not less than 10 heads of Long Horned Cattle.

These are mainly reared for beef and Milk. A community visit to one of the Ankole Homestead can provide a farm memorable experience.

Ramaphosa hailed for bringing the first Ankole genetics into South Africa.

At the time, enquiries were made about bringing the cattle to South Africa, but the costs were too great. What the president did for this country in bringing the cattle here was phenomenal and presents many opportunities for the country.

Cattle Kings

If you ever want to meet the cattle kings Uganda most specifically the western part of the country is the best place to visit. The long horned cattle can be seen moving around the vast pasture lands with one or two cattle keepers holding long sticks and these keep around so that they help in fending off danger. These Ankole cattle are good to rear because they can survive in the harsh conditions and can survive on less food and water.

Found In

Ankole cattle are found mainly in Western Uganda in the districts of Isingiro, Bushenyi, Ntungamo, Mbarara and Kiruhura.


The cattle mainly feeds on grass found in the vast lands and sometimes farmers give them supplements to add on their diet.


The cows are majorly known for their long horns that rise up to eight feet from tip to tip. The legends say that the horns are meant for defense in case the cattle are attacked.

On The Farm: Tips on getting the best out of Ankole cattle


Rearing The Famous Breed Of Ankole Cattle

The Ankole cattle do not need a lot of shelter since they can easily tend to themselves easily. All they need is a shed where they can escape to especially during rains. The good thing about these cattle is that they can survive on little food and water since they have a very good digestive system that can utilize moisture within the cow’s body as long as the food contains proteins.

Inside My Farm

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